It’s Official: Internet-delivered TV is real! SMP Direct Response Per Inquiry TV

Yes, internet TV makes it easier to view programming on any device, from TVs to smartphones, and it gives you more freedom to watch stuff when you want to watch it.”Internet television” is “over-the-top technology” (OTT).

Why pay for TV advertising time if it generates no response?

Our per inquiry TV program provides clients with the expertise and tools to properly evaluate station and channel performance and the overall profitability of any direct response TV advertising campaign. We utilize tracking tools to provide our clients with their return on investment. Those tools include: a web based lead tracking portal, toll free unique 800 #’s and free weekly station performance reports. Pay for Performance TV can be a solid revenue generator for many quality products/services. However, we don’t have the secret strategy that will definately increase leads or have consumers beating down your door to buy your product/service. No amount of experience or expertise can make a bad product good.


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